Heraclitus states that “Everything flows and nothing remains”. He remind us that "nobody bathes twice in the same river", explaining not only that the water in the river flows, but that people also change from one moment to another.

Our existence is always present, initiating and encompassing all of our biological and social history. At the same time, and while existence encompasses the past, it is envisioned and moving towards the future. A future in which human beings do not merely move but create, through their inherent freedom.

The present, the future and the past happen within a constant flow. Heraclitus further argues that it is in the circle where the beginning and the end are fused and  that every human being is granted the possibility to know himself.

The 3rd World Congress of Existential Therapy that will be held in Athens in May 2023 will offer an opportunity to address the here and now while embracing our roots and building a vision towards the future. Participants will be exploring issues related to life itself and to each one's existence, within a vibrant Athenian context embedded in  the deep historical roots that gave birth to our Western civilization.

The topics will be approached in various ways. Keynote speakers, individual presentations, round tables, debates, workshops and poster presentations will be taking place, giving participants the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge and multicultural wisdom with colleagues from all parts of the world. We suggest that  proposals need to be sent on time. The details related to the publication of the works will be communicated on the Conference’s website soon.

Participants will also have the opportunity to elaborate experientially the existential themes addressed at the Conference while visiting archeological sites and enjoying walks in a city that will be offering a unique frame coloured  by the influence of  history and by a vibrant and apocalyptic Athenian present.

It will be an honour to invite and welcome you all to Greece in 2023.


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